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Hello folks!

I have just joined this site as we are considering becoming c-max owners.

We are looking at the automatic diesel variant, budget 5k. (my Mrs has a bad back and so prefers auto). We're looking at starting a family soon so the slighty larger car makes sense.

I'm looking for advice on what to look out for on this type of c-max. I have read a few horror reviews on the CVT transmission, and can't help noticing that ford don't offer this on the new c-max so I'm thinking to avoid this one. That leaves the auto with switchable option. What is this gearbox like for realiabilty? All the cars on line so far have been a 1.6 diesel with auto? Is there also a 2.0 option, and if sowhich is best? I seem to hear stories from both sides about ford diesel engines. Some saying how great they are, and some having loads of problems? Anyone know the truth? I'm an engineer by trade so not afraid if you have (relatively!) techincal responces. I have always serviced and repaired my own car (though they have been 10years old +) and am hoping I can continue, though I may have to get the laptop involved! I've never had to do this, am not afraid to try, but any guidance would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

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